Breakthrough for OO-Star Wind Floater

Publisert: 23. April, 2020

10 years of technical development and extensive documentation have resulted in a breakthrough for Dr.techn. Olav Olsen’s innovative foundation concept for floating offshore wind turbines: "OO-Star Wind Floater". Through the Horizon 2020 program, the EU has pledged to fund EUR 25 million to a strong European consortium led by the world's largest wind power producer Iberdrola to demonstrate the full scale OO-Star Wind Floater.

In addition to Iberdrola and Dr.techn. Olav Olsen, the consortium consists of international energy companies, contractors and research partners. Norwegian partners are Kvaerner, Unitech, Metcentre and DNV GL. The “Flagship” application achieved 15 points out of 15 possible in the EU evaluation and was awarded the contract.

“After several years  of development, this is a significant breakthrough we have been looking forward to and are very proud of. It confirms our leading expertise in floating offshore wind and the great potential of our OO-Star Wind Floater as a robust and scalable solution for future offshore wind parks, "says Olav Weider, Managing Director of Dr.techn. Olav Olsen . “This means a great deal to those of our employees who have worked directly in the project, but also to the company that has invested considerable resources in developing competence and technology, and in the application process towards the EU. In these difficult times for Norway, but also the whole world, news like this are of great importance to many people, and this provides positive prospects for the industry. Our ambition with the technology is to contribute to cost reductions needed to make floating offshore wind commercial and accessible », continues Weider.

Provided that all agreements are signed, we plan to design, build, install and operate an OO-Star Wind Floater with minimum a 10 MW turbine at the Metcentre test center outside Karmøy, Norway. This will be the world's largest floating wind turbine when installed. Construction time is estimated at 2 years with a following test period of 2 years.

The partners in the project are motivated by gaining experience, qualifying technology and strengthen their positions for future large commercial floating offshore wind farms. “In addition to demonstrating technology, there are also a number of research and development tasks in the project. For Norwegian partners and collaborators, there is a great opportunity to build competence and supply chains that are important elements for the competitive development of floating wind power in Norway and elsewhere in the world. Norway also needs new renewable energy when building the future society, "says Trond Landbø, Manager Renewable Energy at Dr.techn. Olav Olsen, and responsible for the development of OO-Star Wind Floater.

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