Risenga Icehockey Arena in Asker

Publisert: 2. February, 2021

The construction of Risenga Icehockey Arena in Asker is continuing with estimated completion in early 2022 for Frisk Asker, with its elite league team, junior team and allsports, Asker skating club and Asker figure skating club to move in.

Dr.techn. Olav Olsen has been responsible for foundations, concrete in the basement, and the ice rink cover. The solution includes fiber-reinforced base plate, steel core piles, 3D reinforcement and boundary structures against prefab. Together with contractor Backe Stor-Oslo, the architects from JOB Arkitekter and the other technical consultants, the client Asker municipality has been a committed and important partner in the collaboration contract.

The Icehockey arena is part of the upgrade and development of the entire Risenga area in Asker and this new venue is intended to house twice as many spectators as today's Askerhallen. The hall is built to NHL standards.

In this video from FRISK ASKERS LINKEDIN PAGE - you will get an overwiew of the construction-site and what it will be like when the project is completed.