Dr. techn. Olav Olsen is certified by the Norwegian Aviation Authority in the highest operating category (R03) for unmanned flight.

We can deliver 3D-models for computation and documentation developed using drones and photogrammetry. Our models are calibrated with ground control points measured with GNSS ground surveying equipment to ensure accuracy. With this procedure, we can deliver high quality, high accuracy models efficiently and with low cost.

Image resolution and position accuracy depends on flight altitude, flight speed, camera, optics as well as wind and sun conditions. With good conditions, we can achieve accuracy in the range of 1-2 cm for position of points in the models.

We use small drones with built-in cameras as well as our largest drone with a full frame mirrorless camera for extra high resolution depending on our costumer’s needs.


The models can be exported to recognized CAD-formats and used as «as built» documentation. In addition, since the models have photo-surface, they can also be used for condition monitoring, e.g. for detecting damages, concrete cracks, etc. Due to the high resolution required to study concrete cracks, we always recommend full frame photography for these missions.

Based on our 3D-models we can offer detailed air photography and analyses such as:

  • Mass calculations
  • Change in volume, elevation, distance etc.
  • Automated counting, e.g. cars, containers etc. on large areas



Dr.techn. Olav Olsen er konstruksjonsteknisk rådgiverfirma innenfor fagområdene byggteknikk, marinteknikk, geoteknikk og vassdragsteknikk/hydrologi. Vi prosjekterer alle typer bygg innenfor samferdsel, bygg, havner og industrianlegg, dammer, marine og offshore konstruksjoner, inkludert havbruk og fornybar energi. Selskapet er eid av franske Artelia Group.


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