Volunteer work with Foundation Artelia

Publisert: 4. July, 2023

Foundation Artelia is a non-profit (independent) organization that gets its funds from Artelia Group, and that organizes and offers volunteer work with expertise from Artelia's engineers in charity projects around the world. One of the projects is in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and our colleague from Lysaker, Tore Andreas, travelled on a mission together with colleagues from the Artelia system.

The mission in Cambodia is a collaborative project with PSE, another non-profit organization that helps and educates children and ensure better living conditions. The family often lives together in temporary camps and villages, and the buildings are very often in quite poor condition. The PSE can again apply to the government for financial support, but in order to do so, condition reports and remediation plans must be presentable. Tore Andreas and the other team members inspected all the roofs and assessed their condition, including the load-bearing system, and were thus able to provide documentation for a significant need for roofing and other improvement works. 

You can read more about Foundation Artelia here.